Preparing NYC's Best Chocolate Babka
Baking Artisan Bread at Breads Bakery


Master baker Uri Scheft may be new to Manhattan, but his floury status in the bread world is already legendary. He has been running Tel Aviv’s Lehamim Bakery since 2001.

Uri Scheft partnered up with one of his leading fans, Gadi Peleg, to open Breads Bakery.  In a short time, Scheft’s signature walnut breads, olive loaves, flaky cheese sticks, and chocolate rugelach have garnered him admirers throughout New York.

Born in Israel to Danish parents, Scheft grew up in Israel and in Denmark where he found his love for baking while watching his mother make the Sabbath challah every Friday. Travel throughout Europe and France allowed him to hone his craft.

Today, he blends his two backgrounds into all he bakes, from Scandinavian dark rye breads and marzipan in his almond croissants to Jewish staples like chocolate babka and challah.

Breads Bakery Chef Uri Scheft